Leisure tips in Zwickau and Saxony

City trip to Zwickau from our Hotel Schloss Schweinsburg

During your stay in Zwickau in our nice castle hotel you can discover a lot in the region around the hotel. Zwickau, fourth largest city in Saxony, has a beautiful historical city where you can stroll through small alleys and enjoy the small restaurants and cafés around the cathedral of Zwickau. Theater lovers will be amazed of Zwickau’s various programs at “Gewandhaus” at Hauptmarkt, at “Theater Plauen Zwickau” and at “Musiktheater”. Here you can visit regular shows and performances.

Zwickau – the automotive and music city of Saxony

The settlement of the automotive company “A. Horch & Cie. Motorwagenwerke” in 1904 was the beginning of the automotive industry in Western Saxony. Still today the city of Zwickau is known as important automotive city because of its former Audi factory. Discover the history of this industry at the August-Horch museum in Zwickau.

Besides the automotive museum, another cultural highlight of Zwickau is the Robert-Schuhmann-Haus. The composer was born in this house at “Hauptmarkt” Zwickau. Today you can discover in eight rooms the life and work of Robert Schuhmann.

The team of Hotel Schloss Schweinsburg collected a variety of other sights and highlights of Zwickau and its surrounding regions. We will also be please to help you with individual questions about your travel program all around our hotel in Neukirchen close to Zwickau. Contact

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