Give someone a Hotel Schloss Schweinsburg Experience

Give someone a hotel upgrade, a bottle of sparkling wine or an evening at the bar at the Hotel Schloss Schweinsburg!

A night's stay in the hotel, food and drinks – the voucher can be used for all of the hotel's services. And each voucher has its own individual greeting message.
Your bonus: the hotel vouchers do not have to be used all at once. You have full flexibility – the voucher can be redeemed in part and then used again at a later date. In accordance with the legal limitation period, each voucher is valid for three full years from the date of issue.

Decide on your own amount or choose a standard option!

Please note

Vouchers are printable – no delivery or handling fees!

Any questions? Contact us! Subject to availability, all of our hotel vouchers can be ordered by e-mail or over the phone using our toll-free number: !


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